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And then Jesus told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.  Mark 16:15

The purpose of the FCC Missions Committee is to help our congregation fulfill God’s command to preach the Good News around the world.

Mission support has been an integral part of FCC’s vision since its beginning. We strive to make as much of our income as possible available for missions, both locally and internationally.

Under the supervision of the church Elders, the Missions Committee is responsible for overseeing the missions that FCC supports financially. Priority has always been given to FCC members who have followed God’s call to be missionaries.

The main role of the Missions Committee is to communicate with and support our missionaries and to share their work and needs with the FCC family. Ongoing prayer support is vital for the successful ministries of our missionaries. Therefore, the Missions Committee urges our congregation to pray for specific requests from our missionaries.

We encourage our FCC family to join evangelistic outreaches in Aberdeen, to participate in mission trips to help our missionaries, to visit our missionaries on the field, and to get acquainted with them and their work when they visit FCC.

How you can be involved:

  • PRAY for our missionaries as they serve the Lord.  Specific requests are in the Sunday bulletin and in the weekly FCC email.

  • GIVE to support a particular mission and/or respond to the annual fundraisers.

  • GO on a mission trip.  We have both local (Aberdeen) and overseas opportunities for you to be involved in spreading the Good News.

Missions we are currently supporting:



The Ark was founded and directed by CK who followed God’s guidance to sell his business and start this ministry in 2003.  Three months later, FCC began supporting his ministry.

The ARK brings the good news of Jesus Christ to the fishermen who live on fishing boats in the Aberdeen Harbour.  They also provide food and other support for the elderly and for immigrant families who live in the Aberdeen area.  Literacy, English and music classes are also offered.

Giving back is ingrained into our philosophy and it’s at the root of our very being.



Grace Community Empowerment (GCE), Cebu, The Philippines; (, founded in 2007, incorporated in September 2009, and directed by Sharon (Tan) and Manny Pastre; she has been an FCC member since 1995, when FCC was still Repulse Bay Baptist.

GCE is a “lighthouse” in the poorest part of Cebu, The Philippines, reaching out to the poor, needy and helpless. Their ministry includes the Arrow School for Moral Training which teaches the Bible to about 80 students for 6 weeks per year. From these students, a few are chosen to be interns who serve at GCE for a year. Scholars are chosen from these interns to be sent to university while helping to run the GCE ministries. Bible studies, preschools, feeding of malnourished children, and a mass wedding are some of the ministries the scholars are trained to coordinate. Upon graduation, the scholars become GCE ministry staff and are committed to work with GCE for 7 years. Their goal is to reach their families and villages with the Good News of Jesus Christ while helping their communities physically and socially.



Grace Mission Camp-Ishinomaki (GMC-I), Ishinomaki, Japan, was founded and directed by Rimpei and Akemi Kozawa.  They have been members of FCC since 2000. Akemi taught children's Sunday school at FCC for many years. Rimpei served as an Elder and Pastoral Assistant and was the Temporary Pastor at FCC until February 2011. When the March 2011 tsunami disaster occurred, they left for Japan where they were engaged in disaster relief activities.

Rimpei has since assumed the pastoral duties in their local Watanoah Christ Church. While ministering to the congregation, they also help the fishing community and share the Good News of Jesus with their neighbors and surrounding communities.

back to the community. Each of our ministries is as strong as a family and bring congregants closer together.



Layman’s Foundation (LF), California USA, founded and directed by Lee & Miltinnie Yih, was begun in 2002 and incorporated in 2007. Lee was a founding Elder of FCC.


They were called to move from Hong Kong to California, USA, where the Lord guided them to start a ministry reaching out to the many Chinese graduate students. Bible studies, open houses, counselling, and support are part of the ministries provided year-round by Lee and Miltinnie as they share the Good News of Jesus.

The Missions Committee members are Joyce Klemm, Chairman, Yvonne Fang, Bobbie Tsai and Dennis Lui.


If you would like more information or wish to make a donation to any of the Missions that FCC currently supports, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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